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Design for better


Experience a better communication with your team with the simple and easy to use chatting interface. You are now have total control over the message that you send.

Secure Messaging

Communication starts with messaging. Secure business messaging made simple.

Stay on top of all your projects - messages and updates from other applications appear in one place. Easily search for messages, files, and people. Moderation controls and end-to-end encryption keep work secure. It's the quick, easy and feature-rich users experience that desk-less and mobile workers enjoy, with the security, compliance and administrative controls that enterprises require.

Priority Message
Message Recall
Self Destruct Messages

Message Controls

Gain total control of your messages via the control policies options on both individual and group messages. Available message controls are for - priority message, message recall, message delete, self-destruct messages, stop forward, stop copy, stop screen capture and GPS proximity based messages.

Group Messaging

Create unlimited user groups, to send messages, share files, and stay in contact wherever you go with you team and co-workers.

Create groups for departments, projects, branches or anything your team needs to coordinate around. Group messaging is what keeps your team up to date on deadlines, milestones, and escalations.

Secure Attachments

Simply drag-and-drop not just your messages, but all files, images, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents. It's a quick way to collect team's feedback or share some photos from the latest event without worrying about email attachment size limits. Add comments, pin for later reference, and it's all completely searchable.

Audio & Video Calling

Make VOiP and HD video calls from your desktop or mobile, you can have face-to-face conversations wherever you are. Powered by dedicated WebRTC technology which delivers call-controls, secure and reliable communication. For you this means no plugins or installations. Currently WebRTC is supported in web browser and Android version

Built for better


Collaboration had never been easier. You will be able to work together on a project efficiently and collaborate freely using Polls, Channels, Event, Field Force and etc.


Promote open team collaboration and knowledge share via channels. Create channels by topic, project, team, department, so that everyone has a transparent view of all that's happening.

Polls & Survey

Create and send surveys and polls with ease. Create any type of survey or polls, from simple to sophisticated with U&Me Plus. Post survey and polls to contact lists, and get real-time feedback on delivery, response, and results as they come-in. Turn responses into insights by filtering, comparing, and analyzing results.

Event Management

Easily create app for events, conferences, trade shows using U&Me Plus. Get interactive notifications on event attendees mobile screen with rich media, polls and survey's, invite RSVP's, monetization features and social-media aggregation.

Location Sharing

Update your team and co-workers of your whereabouts with a GPS pin on Google maps. Never be late for a meeting, or lost for an appointment with integrated Google Navigation services.

Connected Accounts

Link your social media and cloud storage accounts to create a seamless web presence. Allows you to aggregate all your social media content, and cloud file storage into centralized location.

Field Force

Field force tracking is a useful productivity tool that can immensely help you streamline the operations of the field force of your business. Field Force Manager gives you the ability to track the location of your mobile resources in real time in the field. The tool manages - Mobile Timesheets, workflows, distance travelled, routes taken and to collect data in the field via GPS tracking.

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Audio & Video Conferencing

Hold HD quality video conferences with up to 12 co-workers simultaneously across devices, platforms and locations. Share your screen during conversations with your team, co-workers, and business partners. Share documents, images, messages during a video call for effective communication and collaboration.

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Powerful Technology


U&Me Plus is built using the latest technology to provide a better user experience to your team

Centralized Administration

U&Me Plus platform gives you centralized administration for enterprise IT, and team leaders to manage organization and team hierarchy structures, roles and permissions, message controls, data retention policies, integrations, and analytics from a top-down approach.

Home Page Builder

This unique feature allows the enterprise to link its website content to dynamic pages within the mobile app. Consolidation of enterprise content helps in saving time and giving a information rich user experience.

Enterprise Grade Security & Compliances

U&Me Plus administration includes customizable data retention policies, back-up and data extraction policies, audit reports, and integration to Microsoft® Active Directory for SSO experience. The information and data security is compliant to ISO 15408, ISO 19000, ISO 27000, HIPAA and Cyber Security Malaysia


Get detailed and graphically rich analytics reports for all aspects of your operation. Reports on message and storage utilization, user management, social media audit, and security audit reports.

Communicate and Collaborate Effectively

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