Banking & Finance
Field Force

Banking & Finance

Online Communication & File Sharing for Financial Services!

Plus provides financial service organizations with an option of secure communication and file sharing.

Secure File Sharing Tool

Plus provides secure communication and file sharing facility to financial service firms.

Plus securely maintains sensitive data from banks, insurance companies and investment firms.

Works Across Platforms And Devices

Using Plus financial firms can work with clients from anywhere with Plus available on all devices.

Stay in touch with clients and colleagues using cross-company collaboration on Plus.

Stay Updated Anywhere, Anytime

Use real-time communication to out the sales on fast-track and get deals done at rapid pace.

Get real-time notifications anywhere, anytime so you know when a client or colleague needs your attention.


Smart & Secure Messaging for Healthcare Teams

Enable Quick And Smart Decisions About Patient Care

Access and share test results, patient records, prescription details and images to deliver faster and better patient care.

Use and share clinical information in a completely secured environment that Plus provides.

See More Patients With Quickened Work Processes

Get response immediately, dispatch care providers and keep different groups in agreement, while eliminating pagers and call backs.

Send important announcement or news to all the healthcare personnel using bulk broadcasting facility.

Replace Costly And Difficult To Maintain Technologies

Deliver encrypted texting on existing or employee-owned gadgets, supplant obsolete pagers and headsets and begin with no set-up charges.

Share large files to a single contact or group in a highly secured environment.


Streamline The Workflows And Achieve High Productivity!

Bid Projects Easily and Get More Contracts

Communicate and collaborate across teams and departments to assimilate cost estimates, project plans, evaluate potential risks associated with projects and estimate resource precincts.

Quickly Share Project Plans, Images and Files

With secure, instant access to conversations and files, it is easy to share ideas, discuss plans, setup schedules and collaborate from anyplace.

Let the Employees Use Their Own Device for Communication

Provide your employees with an enterprise-grade secure, reliable and cost efficient alternative to regular SMS messaging which can be used from their personal phones or from web.

Keep Everyone Posted About the Project Updates

The one-on-one and group messaging can help construction personnel to stay updated always. Staff working on site can stay in touch with the team working in-house with group chat, live voice calls and more.

Field Force

Bring field and desk workers on a common platform

Simply collaborate with field workers using group chat that works across devices.

Instant cross-group correspondence from the field to the workplace with applications for iOS, Android and the desktop.

Boost First-Time Fix Rates

Get immediate access to archives, images, files, documents and equipment requests from any location.

Boost work process efficiency and transparency in communication with Plus platform.

Quickly Share Status And Blackout Updates

Send custom push warnings to groups or people, verifying everybody is educated when any changes are made to the plan.

Get the real-time location of filed service agents to track their location history.


An Innovative Communication Solution For Educational Institutions!

Share Real-Time Updates

Use plus to create groups for different standards and send notifications to them at one go.

Keep the parents informed about their child updates by broadcasting important news.

Centralized Communication

Bring all the institutional communication on a single platform.

Plus allows creation of unlimited groups with unlimited members helping your school expansion plans.

Secure & Instant File Sharing

Access and share files, images, documents over the cloud and keep a record for every transaction.

Plan school events and send requests to the parents and interest groups using batch messaging.

The data is securely maintained in the cloud leaving no chance for frauds.


Communication App Tailored For Retail Businesses!

Using real-time group conversations, Plus fosters project collaboration from anyplace. Manage all your corporate information with secure file-sharing and cloud storage. Easily access and share files, images with colleagues from any device.

Create divisions and departments for your organization and allocate individual admins for each division. Centrally manage all your branches using an admin panel. Generate customized reports on business performance and check the daily statistics. If there is a news to announce or update to communicate send broadcast messages to unlimited members at one go.