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Hosting Cloud + Cloud + Cloud + Cloud + On Premises
Features Unlimited messaging on mobile and web Minimum 25 users Minimum 25 users Minimum 25 users Minimum 100 users
GPS Location sharing All Freemium features + All Standard features + All Professional features + All Enterprise features +
SafeBOX storage limit of 2GB SafeBOX storage limit of 5GB SafeBOX storage limit of 8GB SafeBOX storage limit of 12GB Custom forms and workflows
1-to-1 Audio and Video calls on web 100 Free SMS 500 Free SMS 1000 Free SMS 1000 Free SMS
Rich media sharing (image, audio, video, PDF and Microsoft Office) Email integration to Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra and Lotus Notes Federated search across multi-team chat, and global directory Custom data retention and back-up policy On-site installation
Audio memos API open integration framework Microsoft Outlook calender sync Event management On-site training
#Channel forums Custom integrative alerts Payment gateway integration Microsoft SharePoint, or EMC2 file server sync Phone, Email and On-site support
Basic integrations (Cloud Storage and Social Networking) Compliance (HIPPA, ISO 19000 & ISO 27000) Real-time Active Directory sync Multi sub-domain** administration Multi domain administration
Corporate directory with unlimited roles, groups and permissions Access to support portal AES 256bit encryption Dedicated customer success manager Dedicated customer success manager
Gamification* (Around Me, People Nearby, Loyalty Rewards and My Deals) Access to training portal   Socket + enterprise ERP integration framework  
  Reports   Corporate iP PBX integration  
      Audio and Video conferencing (12 streams)  
Optional Features:
White Labelling
Loyalty Rewards 
Custom reward point system Contact us :
Custom reward gifts
Order fulfillment
Gamification + 
Around Me      
People Nearby Contact us :
My Deals      
Enterprise Survey 
Create custom or template surveys  
Survey target audience on mobile Contact us :
Survey analytics  
FieldForce Services 
Sales team management  
Service team management  
Maintenance team management Contact us :
Vehicle / Driver tracking  

U&Me Plus is FREE to use for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of users.

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